WinAlltime is an athletics men performances archive manager. With WinAllTime you can manage the performers archive to display, print and export an index with all the athletes informations and their best performances in the standard format. You can manage all archives, 100 metres, 200 metres etc., to display, print and export the performances for every single speciality in the standard format.

The main features are:

  1. Insert, edit, show a performer record with flag bitmap and performer picture in JPG format

  2. Insert, edit, show a performance record

  3. Insert, edit, show the meeting record

  4. Insert, edit, show the venue record

  5. Insert, edit, show the countries record 

  6. Insert the performance limits for the show selection

  7. Show, print and export in html format the performers index 

  8. Show, print and export in html format the performances report

  9. Statistics

WinAllTime screenshots

Download a demo version

If you don't have Access 97 download and install DAO350
Download and instal the Borland Database Engine ver.5.1.1